Cyril’s World of Tanks Mods (9.0)

Mod Type Link
No Intro Video General download
locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 3 Minimap download
Mav’s Ultra Fog Remover Battle UI download
Lemon96 skins v62 shaded Hitzone torrent
Dead White Tank Tank download
Multiline Tank Carousel General download
Deggie’s Sights Crosshair download
Nikodemsky Contour Mod Contour Icon download
Chat Scrolling Battle UI download
Font Pack General download
Clock in Hanger Battle UI download
Damage Indicator Battle UI download
Remember password General download
XVM XVM download
Scope Shadow Removal Battle UI download
Colored Penetration and Ricochets Battle UI download
WOT 9.0 FPS Fix System instructions

Cyril’s World of Tanks Mods (8.10)

Standard Mods You Need

Contour Icons

You can choose any one of them based on your favour:

Damage Indicator

Hit Zone Skin

  • Skins with hitzones from andi_fireman(Dendyt) and Lemon96 in [RS] style: I use the “shaded skins”. (project site | download)
  • Dead white tank: Turns dead tanks into white for easier differentiation, especially when you are aiming enemy tanks hiding behind a dead tank. (project site | download)


  • Locastan’s Enhanced HD MiniMaps: Shows a much bigger minimap in the center, thus easier to issue command on map. (project site | download)
    • After installation, please edit the file Mmap.xml under the res_mod directory:
      • marklastpos: true. This will turn on the last known position of enemy seen on map.
      • minimap size: You can adjust the size of minimap  other than the default, useful if your monitor is not big enough.

UI Enhancement

  • Scope Shadow Remove – removes the blacked out portion of your screen during sniper mode (project site | download)


Choose one of the below:

Now some extra stuff

Remember Username and Password

Download this file and place under the directory res_mods/0.8.10/gui/.


XVM is a base element for quite a number of mods to work: (project site | download)