Cyril’s World of Tanks Mods (8.10)

Standard Mods You Need

Contour Icons

You can choose any one of them based on your favour:

Damage Indicator

Hit Zone Skin

  • Skins with hitzones from andi_fireman(Dendyt) and Lemon96 in [RS] style: I use the “shaded skins”. (project site | download)
  • Dead white tank: Turns dead tanks into white for easier differentiation, especially when you are aiming enemy tanks hiding behind a dead tank. (project site | download)


  • Locastan’s Enhanced HD MiniMaps: Shows a much bigger minimap in the center, thus easier to issue command on map. (project site | download)
    • After installation, please edit the file Mmap.xml under the res_mod directory:
      • marklastpos: true. This will turn on the last known position of enemy seen on map.
      • minimap size: You can adjust the size of minimap  other than the default, useful if your monitor is not big enough.

UI Enhancement

  • Scope Shadow Remove – removes the blacked out portion of your screen during sniper mode (project site | download)


Choose one of the below:

Now some extra stuff

Remember Username and Password

Download this file and place under the directory res_mods/0.8.10/gui/.


XVM is a base element for quite a number of mods to work: (project site | download)

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