How To Create a (Small) Dropbox Windows VirtualBox Image

Dropbox in Virtual Machine

This will teach you how to increase your Dropbox space by yourself alone as described in this post.



  • Create a virtual machine
    • Name: Dropbox Maximizer
    • RAM: 128 MB
    • Disk: 2 GB, dynamically allocated
  • Mount the Windows XP installation CD or ISO image to the virtual machine (Settings > Storage)
  • Start the virtual machine
  • Proceed the Windows installation. Remove any necessary components (games, etc) and language pack (English is enough). When done, reboot the virtual machine and goes into the Windows desktop.
  • Install the Technitium MAC Address Change (TMAC)
  • Install the Dropbox client.
  • Install the Guest Addons by click the virtual machine’s window menu: Devices > Install Guest Additions… .
  • Shutdown Windows from the Start Menu. The virtual machine will stop automatically.
  • In the VirtualBox application, from the menu select File > Export Appliance… .
  • Select the machine “Dropbox Maximizer”.
  • Select the destination of the appliance file. The filename usually ended with .ova extension.
  • Click “Export.
  • Done!

Now you can share the VirtualBox appliance to others!

A very lite installation

If you use nLite, you can trim your Windows installation to a very small one.

Important things to configure:

  • Load the ‘nLite’ preset to remove most the thing
  • Make sure the following items are enable:
    • Zip folder.
    • Internet Explorer.
  • You must disable the Minimum hard disk space requirement. Windows XP requires you to have at least 1371 MB.
  • If so, you can create a virtual machine with disk size of 900 MB only.

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